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Corporate Members subscribing to PBF are at the forefront of events. Chairmen of these companies recognise that boardroom diversity helps mitigate risk and that Non-Executive experience is a powerful tool for developing and retaining their most talented women.


Companies that become Corporate Members of PBF can tap into a considerable talent pool for their own board appointments with the significant advantages and competitive edge such diversity has been proven to bring.

At the same time it provides their own top talented women with access and exposure to a large group of European Chairmen.

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Membership benefits

  Nurture, empower and retain your most talented women

  Benefit from the increased confidence and understanding of board level issues which attendees derive from the PBF workshop events, and which they then go on to apply to their day-jobs

  Increase your company’s exposure to senior levels of the wider business community by facilitating the      

     placement of women from your team on other companies’ Non-Executive boards

  Create internal female role models who help bring forward successive generations of talented females

  Develop relationships with like-minded Chairmen of other leading companies

  Build a corporate reputation for diversity

A list of some of the Chairmen who have involvement with PBF can be found here

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