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Professional Boards Forum (PBF) was founded in 2003, following the Norwegian Government announcing legislation to ensure that 40% of board directors should be women. This controversial quota law led to an outcry from Chairmen and business communities who were concerned about how and where they would find suitably qualified women to meet the quota. Elin Hurvenes responded by creating Professional Boards Forum, providing a practical and effective solution. The pioneering events Elin started brought together company leaders with talented, qualified women – creating an innovative forum that continues to benefit potential women NEDs and Chairmen alike.


Supported by the growth in demand for gender parity at board level across the EU, Elin and her team continue to promote greater representation of women on the boards of leading companies throughout northern Europe.

International Advisory Board

Our Team

​Elin Hurvenes founded the Professional Boards Forum in Norway in 2003 and now runs PBF in the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. Elin gives keynote speeches about women on boards at international conferences and corporate events, and is consulted by the media as an authority on the subject. She has an MBA from London Business School.

Ally is an accomplished executive assistant who offers organisational support to Professional Boards Forum.  She has had many years experience supporting board level executives in both the private and public sector. Ally has run her own virtual assistant company for 15 years providing support to a wide range of clients both in the UK and abroad.

Helen provides expert administrative support to Professional Boards Forum. She has many years experience in office management for investment banks, and has run her own business providing office management and event management services. She has a degree in German and French.

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