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Our History


Elin Hurvenes founds Professional Boards Forum in Norway after the government passes a law requiring at least 40% of company board members to be women. 

2004- 2008




PBF hosts multiple events in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger.  50% of our candidates achieve new board roles within 12 months of participation. In March 2008 Norway reaches the target of 40% women in the board room and we begin plans to internationalise the PBF concept.

Professional Boards Forum launches in London with our first event, hosted by Goldman Sachs.  Our keynote speakers are: Roger Carr, Chairman of Centrica plc, Alison Carnwath, Chair of Land Securities plc and Sir John Bond, Chairman of Vodafone plc. 

Our inaugural event in the Netherlands takes place in The Hague, hosted by Shell.  Keynote speakers are Hans Wijers, Vice Chairman, Shell and Dick Benschop, CEO Shell Netherlands.

PBF launches in Switzerland, with our first event held in Zurich and hosted by Swiss Re in a stunning lakeside setting.  Walter Kielholz, Chairman of Swiss Re and Dr Ulf Berg, Chairman of EMS Chemie Holding AG are our speakers. 


Our first event in Germany takes place in Frankfurt, and is hosted by PwC in June.  Our keynote speaker is Klaus-Peter Müller Chairman of Commerzbank AG


Adapting to the circumstances of the pandemic, we host our first online events, with candidates from multiple countries.  

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