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With thanks to some of the many Chairs who have participated in

Professional Boards Forum events.


"Networking is part and parcel for NEDs but The Professional Boards Forum is more than a network. It has structure, focus and purpose and adds value in its own right. Above all PBF reinforces the message that it is still ‘merit first’.”

Sir Roger Carr, former Chair, BAE Systems plc

Robert Swannell.jpg

“As the pandemic continues it has never been more important for all of us to keep making connections, albeit digitally. The Professional Boards Forum and its network is a wonderful way of helping do just that, and so supporting talented women to achieve their goals.”

Robert Swannell, former Chair, UK Government Investments

Ruth Cairnie.jpg

“It was an excellent event and I was also very impressed with the diversity of the women.”

Ruth Cairnie, Chair, Babcock International plc

Jasmine Whitbread.jpg

“My advice to PBF participants is to embark on an NED career early and

before you complete your executive career. Reaching the boardroom will take time, so be patient and resilient, and turn

yourself into your own project."

Jasmine Whitbread, Chair,

Travis Perkins plc

Urs Rohner.jpg

“PBF enables great talent to immediately stand out and collaborate directly with experienced board Chairpersons. I am convinced it will help drive change and a rethink of the way corporations recruit Non-Executive directors.”

Urs Rohner, Chairman, Credit Suisse Group AG

Paul Drechsler.jpg

"I'm delighted once again to attend the Professional Boards Forum. Every time I come, I enjoy the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, and the candidates continue to get stronger, are really interesting, and have lots to contribute."

Paul Drechsler, former Chair, London First

Douglas Flint.jpg

“A good NED should have broad experience, courage, be cool, calm and objective, a good listener and clear

communicator, and be prepared to be a team player – and such personal characteristics can be gained in many

environments outside the public company sphere.”

Sir Douglas Flint, Chairman, Standard Life Aberdeen plc

Mike Rake.jpg

“As a potential NED looking to get noticed, attending a PBF event is a good place to start. Be clear on your experience

and what you bring to the table – the opportunities are there and business needs to understand that our society at large requires diverse boards.”

Sir Mike Rake, Chairman, Phoenix Global

Resources plc

Terri Duhon.jpg

“Having been a PBF candidate myself I remember finding this experience one of the most educational programmes on practical board responsibilities, discussion and governance. I walked away with confidence in my ability to add value and an expanded network. Coming back as a Chair was rewarding, to pay it forward. Even in virtual form, I can see amazing candidates and fantastic learnings coming out of this programme.”

Terri Duhon, Independent NED, Rathbone Brothers plc

Michiel Jaski.jpg

“It was a pleasure to participate and get to know several high-calibre women. I have been contacted by a couple who I will talk to in the next few days. I look forward to participating again in future.”

Michiel Jaski, Board member,

AkzoNobel NV

Michael Cole Fontayn.jpg

“It was a great honour, pleasure and privilege to participate at PBF. It is an outstanding forum for encouraging talent. I have already been contacted by several of the attendees and shall do my best to give my attention, feedback and support.”

Michael Cole-Fontayn, Chairman, Association for Financial Markets in Europe


“One of the most interesting board events in Europe. It provides you with the unique opportunity to meet a high number of very capable female board-member candidates.”

Alexandre Zeller, former Chairman,

SIX Group

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