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If you are interested in sponsoring a Professional Boards Forum event, and in helping to promote gender diversity in the boardroom, please get in contact to find out more about the ways this can benefit your organisation.
For more information, download our brochure.

Our Netherlands Corporate Members

Manon van Beek

Managing Director, Accenture

“For women in business who aspire to obtaining a Non-Executive directorship there is no better and more concrete step forward than to meet, network and discuss board issues with the men and women who already are Chairmen and Non-Executive directors. That is why Accenture is proud to partner with the Professional Board Forum.”

Paul van Gelder
Managing Director,  Imtech Marine Group BV

"We strongly advocate positioning women at leading positions whithin organisations. We believe that diversity is the key to an organisations best performance. Men and women contribute different qualities, that should be combined in order to flourish. And we gladly practice what we preach. We like to encourage women in our organisation to use their full potential by taking charge of their own."

Hans Wijers
Vice-Chairman Shell, Supervisory Board Member Heineken

"Effective Boards show a well balanced degree of diversity. Diversity has many dimensions and gender is a very important one. As 50% of mankind are women it would be rather foolish to not tap this massive source of talent and diversity in developing the Boards of leading companies."

Dick Benschop

Vice President, Shell Netherland

"The Professional Boards Forum offers an attractive concept to improve gender diversity and we are delighted to support the introduction in The Netherlands."

Pauline van der Meer Mohr

Chairman, EY Netherlands

“Building a successful Non-Executive portfolio does not
happen by chance. It is a purposeful process of taking on increasingly challenging and complex Non-Executive appointments, and building credibility along the way. It helps to have great mentors as well.”

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