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Empowering women to higher levels

Upcoming Professional Boards Forum Event

In-person London 30 April 2024 hosted by Willis Towers Watson

Please click here for the 30 April 2024 programme

Register 30 April 2024 London


Our events bring together leading Chairs/Senior Board Directors and women current / future non-executive directors, herewith the list

of Chairs/Senior Board Directors who have confirmed participation for 2024 to date.

Marshall Bailey, Chair, Aon UK

Vindi Banga, Chair, UK Government (UKGI)

Ruth Cairnie, Chair, Babcock International Group plc

*Sir Roger Carr, Former Chair, BAE Systems plc

Mike Clasper, Chair, Coats Group plc

Michael Cole-Fontayn, NED, JP Morgan Securities plc

Annette Court, Chair, WH Smith plc

Dame Vivienne Cox, Chair, Victrex plc

*Roger Devlin, Chair, Persimmons Homes

Baroness Rona Fairhead, Chair, RS Group plc

Penny James, Co-Chair, FTSE Women Leaders Review

Moni Mannings, Chair, Remco Committee, Hargreaves Lansdown

Mike McTighe, Chair, Openreach

Orna NiChionna, Chair, Eden Trust

Aubry Pierre, Chair, Vedihold S.A.

Dr Gill Rider, Chair, Pennon Group plc

Stuart Sinclair, Chair, Willis Ltd (Willis Towers Watson)

Phil Smith CBE, Chair, IQE plc

Carla Stent, Board Member & Chair: Audit & Risk Committee, Telecom Plus plc

David Tyler, Chair, Domestic & General

Laura Wade-Gery, Chair, Moorfields Eye Hospital

* tentative

Professional Boards Forum (PBF) was founded in 2003, following the Norwegian Government announcing legislation to ensure that 40% of board directors should be women. This controversial quota law led to an outcry from Chairmen and business communities about how and where they would find suitably qualified women to meet the quota.


Elin Hurvenes responded by creating pioneering events which brought together Chairmen and Senior Board Directors with talented, qualified women – creating an interactive forum that continues to benefit potential women NEDs and Chairmen alike.

“However good you are, if you are invisible you won’t get o on the radar. If you are not on the radar you are unlikely to get the job – networking is part and parcel of the role".’.”

Sir Roger Carr, Former Chair, BAE Systems plc

“Having been a PBF candidate myself years ago, I remember finding it one of the most educational programmes on
practical board responsibilities, discussion and governance. I walked away with confidence in my ability to add value and
an expanded network. Joining again as a Chair has been so rewarding to pay it forward..”

Terri Duhon, Independent NED, Rathbone Brothers plc

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